La Verita Dance Company (B)

Behind the body

Alex Kyriakoulis, Natasa Frantzi

With this piece La Verita started a minimalist movement research, exploring the limits of what a single body can possibly say. Inspired by the current methods in contemporary dance, and the lack of pure movement, “Behind the body”questions if there is a dance language that we can still speak with.

What is the meaning of a piece and where you can find it? It could be something that the choreographer wants to express, or something that the audience feels at a personal level. Music is a weapon that the performer can use in order to create emotions and situations. Is movement strong enough for the performer to create atmosphere without the sound support?

Following really basic forms of choreography guided from the book of Doris Humphrey 'The Art of Making Dances,' La Verita worked only with movement, space and levels, giving the possibilities to the body to express itself alone.