Branko Milisković  (RS)


CABARET of an INTRUDER’’ has emerged out of some of my works such as THE SONG OF A SOLDIER ON WATCH (WW3 LILI MARLENE) and HERR MILISKOVIC (Leben eines Eindringlings) in which I have been working on a new characters, being driven by personal and inherited history, using my body and personality as a medium, transforming it and tediously building up every single detail. The main premise of these pieces certainly is a notion of an Intruder. According to my interpretation, an Intruder is an individual system, invading a strategically chosen places. An Intruder is usually intending to adapt, assimilate as well as to become a member of certain group but somehow an intruder is unable to make it all the way through, becoming very suspicious as an element which doesn’t belong to the group, clearly interfering. An Intruder is very transparent and unable to pretend if something goes against his wills or plans. My idea is to gather the audience standing or sitting randomly surrounding me, retaining comfortable, having an opportunity to take some proper drink and relax. I will be settled between them, partly singing partly telling the story. improvisations combined with spoken text and lyrics will be in charge. The main idea is to bring the audience into a state of emotional contemplation and spiritual elevation.