Evelyne Hofer, Laura Zachmann (CH)

Hotel Portable 

Wäre es nicht eine faszinierende Vorstellung, sein Schlafzimmer für einmal an einem aussergewöhnlichen Ort aufzustellen und eine Nacht
in der Bahnhofshalle, einem Kaufhaus oder in dem Elefantenhaus im Zoo zu verbringen? Hotel Portable, das erste Hotelzimmer auf Rädern, will dir dies ermöglichen. Ein Lobbyboy steht dir dabei jederzeit zur Seite, richtet das Hotelzimmer an deinem Wunschplatz ein und liest dir alle Wünsche von den Augen ab.

Hotel Portable möchte dir die Möglichkeit eröffnen, aus den eigenen vier Wänden auszubrechen und eine Nacht an einem ausgefallen Ort zu verbringen.

La Verita Dance Company (B)

Behind the body

Alex Kyriakoulis, Natasa Frantzi

With this piece La Verita started a minimalist movement research, exploring the limits of what a single body can possibly say. Inspired by the current methods in contemporary dance, and the lack of pure movement, “Behind the body”questions if there is a dance language that we can still speak with.

What is the meaning of a piece and where you can find it? It could be something that the choreographer wants to express, or something that the audience feels at a personal level. Music is a weapon that the performer can use in order to create emotions and situations. Is movement strong enough for the performer to create atmosphere without the sound support?

Following really basic forms of choreography guided from the book of Doris Humphrey 'The Art of Making Dances,' La Verita worked only with movement, space and levels, giving the possibilities to the body to express itself alone.

Branko Milisković  (RS)


CABARET of an INTRUDER’’ has emerged out of some of my works such as THE SONG OF A SOLDIER ON WATCH (WW3 LILI MARLENE) and HERR MILISKOVIC (Leben eines Eindringlings) in which I have been working on a new characters, being driven by personal and inherited history, using my body and personality as a medium, transforming it and tediously building up every single detail. The main premise of these pieces certainly is a notion of an Intruder. According to my interpretation, an Intruder is an individual system, invading a strategically chosen places. An Intruder is usually intending to adapt, assimilate as well as to become a member of certain group but somehow an intruder is unable to make it all the way through, becoming very suspicious as an element which doesn’t belong to the group, clearly interfering. An Intruder is very transparent and unable to pretend if something goes against his wills or plans. My idea is to gather the audience standing or sitting randomly surrounding me, retaining comfortable, having an opportunity to take some proper drink and relax. I will be settled between them, partly singing partly telling the story. improvisations combined with spoken text and lyrics will be in charge. The main idea is to bring the audience into a state of emotional contemplation and spiritual elevation.


Colin Raynal

Ghost Mouth

The idea of this performance is to create a sound situation that plays with the acoustic of the location and the point of view of the audience.

Four speakers take place in four corners of the place. The performer goes from one to another, creating loops, adjusting levels, making the sound waves bigger and bigger. The audience is free to navigate in the space and to experiment the sound physically. 

The purpose is to make the people hear the specific acoustic of the place, and then to transform the space with sound distortion, echoes and reverberations.
The exact conditions of the performance are still to be defined according to the specificities of the festival (space, schedule, audience, etc.).

Collectif Inouite (CH)

Le rituel / the ritual

Anna Nitchaeff, Lucie Kohler

Max the rat & Bruce the bear (characters insipired by the movies of Fischli and Weiss) are presenting a new performance called „the ritual“. The occasion for everyone to search and maybe find its own animal-totem. With a lot of encens, esoterism and accordeon music Max & Bruce will take you to an unbelievable experiment that can even save your soul!

DanceArt (H)


We recommend our performance for those who are strong enough and brave enough to want to fly; to fly with us head on into the wind and those who are committed to freedom and floating on air. Intoxication, wild passion, endless energy are the characteristics, which our dancers and their movements will encompass.

Real magic only happens in a boundless state of mind, where we love life without compromise. This is when we experience the depths and heights, the darkness and brightness of our true selves, hidden within. We would like to convey and portrait this belief sensitively, which compels us to be totally present and the audience to be entirely open.